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On behalf of Rootz of Music, Inc, On behalf of Rootz of Music, Inc., I would like to
thank you and your organization for your donation of two electric guitars, one mandolin
and one keyboard. The generous support helps us continue in our mission to provide
music education and cultural enrichment programs for youth in under-served
communities such as those at SOS Children’s Villages – Florida Inc., an institution
providing care to children facing challenges with family support.

The kids at SOS will be thrilled to have additional instruments to play during our
Thursday evening music classes. Especially, the keyboard as we only had one piano for
several children.  The guitars and mandolin are greatly needed as we give so many away
to children who leave the community so that they can continue playing and practicing.

Thank you again for your support!
--Rootz of Music Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL
October 2017

In my work with disadvantaged youth, I was struck one day by the raw talent of a 14-
year-old boy, who taught himself to play the piano, and stun. After watching a video of
the boy performing on piano in a recent concert competition, and witnessing the
subsequent transformation from someone struggling with constant emotional and
psychological turmoil to one who found his core, I knew I must do whatever I could to
encourage him to use such passion to remain centered and follow his heart.

With a family unable to pay for formal instruction for him, or an instrument, his ability
to practice was limited to the rare use of a piano at his church. He needed his own
instrument. I had never contacted a music charity when I discovered Ryan’s Song, and
the experience has been amazing. All I had to do was ask. Those at Ryan’s Song, in
return, must know that their extraordinary gift of a beautiful new keyboard has
radiantly altered a young life, and helped create the possibility of a brilliant future
for him, where music supersedes all chaos and uncertainty.

I thank Ryan’s Song for making it possible for me to be part of such joy.

August 2016

I wish to thank this wonderful organization for reaching out to a child in need.  The
gift of giving music to children is beyond words because it soothes the heart and
brings joy and happiness.  I commend your organization in their good works and deeds
to mankind; especially to the most precious gifts we shall ever have "our children".  I
cannot even begin to thank you enough for making a child's wish come true.
--Merry Christmas, H. R. Gamache, Southbridge, MA

I would like to say that, Ryan's Song has totally changed the outcome of my daughters
future. Because of budget cuts schools were unable to provide students with
instruments. We could not be happier or more blessed by this program and we are
truly thankful for everything you have done for us.
--Ms. L. Harrell, Selma, NC

"We were just discussing your organization last night. You do not know how much this
(keyboard donation) is changing her life.  You are such a blessing!  She loves the
keyboard and I love to see the happiness associated with her receiving it.  You do not
know that you could have just saved a life.  The work you are doing not only
encourages disadvantaged youth but sometimes they experience such difficult lives
that they cannot find ways of escape.  In this case, the ability to take pain and revert
hurt in a healthy vehicle release it two fold.  She is writing and a lovely singer and
with the problems she has encountered, again, I sincerely believe you have saved a
life!  I am personally indebted to you and will assure you that we will submit a
complete report as well as videos so that you can truly see for yourself how you
have changed a life."  My sincerest gratitude and love is extended to you!
--God Bless, J.B.A. Cleveland, Ohio

"I'm so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you about the Ryan's Song
scholarship; I've been extremely wrapped up in these college courses that I have been
taking. I really wanted to say thank you so much and I really appreciate what you and
Ryan have done. This organization is really a great thing for so many people and it's
wonderful that Ryan started it. I am truly grateful for the scholarship."
--Sincerely, L.H. Pembroke Pines, Florida.

"We received that WONDERFUL keyboard! It has been a huge hit with the kids.
Words cannot express how happy we are with it! I am going to try and get a picture
this coming Monday at our end-of-the-year concert playing it. Thank you so much for
everything you have done for our band. The keyboard will make a big difference in how
they perform. Again, I cannot thank you and your organization enough for the help you
have given us."
--M.Waterhouse, YMS Middle School Band, Fernandina Beach, Florida

"We cannot thank you enough and your family enough for your support of Impact II
and all that you do to keep music education a vital part of our student's overall
learning experience."
--The Miami-Dade Education Fund

"I didn’t just want to send words, but you guys deserve to see the youth in action and
since our rehearsal is today. I wanted you to see them playing the instruments. They
are really good to have not had professional training.  I was hoping that you had video
spot on your web so that others could see them playing it and see what you have done
for them.  DM and HS received the piccolos and JA received the trumpet.  They were
so happy! DM is 6 and missing some teeth, so she always puts her hand over her mouth
when she smiles, but when she saw the piccolo, she jumped up and down and forgot to
put her hand over her mouth and we had to laugh because she was so happy she forgot
to be self-conscious of her teeth!"

"I will send a testimony of your willingness and thoughtfulness to help people you
didn’t even know!  You have made us all soooo happy!  Thank you again!"
-- Darlene from Detroit