Ryan's Song Inc.--Grant/Scholarship Application
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Musical Instrument
Policies: Recipients must use any proceeds to further their musical (or arts) education.
Grants will be made for specified periods and will be renewed based upon satisfactory
progress reports provided by instructors or community leaders.

Grants will be paid directly to instructors. Instructors will be required to provide
periodic progress reports. Recipients must remain in good standing to continue
receiving assistance. If the terms of the award are violated, recipients will be notified
and will be allowed to remediate the violation. If remediation is not made, then future
grants will be suspended. After a probationary period, recipients will be given one
chance to resume their studies under the grant program.

Grants are made solely at the discretion of Ryan's Song Inc and may be discontinued at
any time without notice or cause. Grants are contingent upon the charity obtaining
sufficient financing to operate.
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