Monthly Service Charge charges a monthly flat fee of $ 25.00 to corporations
participating in our services. This fee covers monthly maintenance costs and
handling of up to 2 complaint submissions per month.

The corporation will be billed $ 10.00 for each claim submission after the first 2
monthly complaints have been used.

Participation in the service may be canceled at any time. Prorated time will be
billed upon cancellation.
Additional Services

You may request that the staff at assist in researching claim submissions. has access to accounting professionals
with varying levels of experience and skills.

We are available to provide the following additional services:

Administrative Support - $65 per hour. Use our resources to compile additional information regarding any claim submission. This fee covers the
cost of utilizing administrative personnel to obtain general information about any claim submission.

Professional Support - $100 to $300 per hour. Utilize our professionals to investigate claim submissions and report findings to management or
your audit committee. Our professionals are also available to provide other services such as Sarbanes-Oxley compliance implementation, internal
control reviews or documentation, outsourced CFO services or assistance preparing for financial statement audits.

Additional services will be billed monthly. We may require a retainer and engagement letter prior to providing any administrative or professional service.

Contact Jeffrey B Kramer, CPA @ (954) 980-3958 to discuss our services.

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