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Fraud-Hotline Application Submission
Operated by Jeffrey B Kramer CPA
Corporate representatives should use this section to sign up for our service.

The site utilizes the Internet as a means for communicating fraud, internal accounting control and audit deficiencies.
Utilizing a third party vendor to administer this service over the Internet provides an ideal vehicle for reporting fraud and
for compliance with Sections 301 (4)(A) & (B) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Subscription applications will be approved within 10 business days.

All submissions to the site will be forwarded to the Company contact within 5 days of receipt. The staff at Fraud-Hotline
is available to gather additional information confidential information about each submission. This service will be billed
based on the hourly rates summarized in the rate schedule.

Participation under requires a prepayment each quarter. We will automatically send an invoice or
email requesting payment before the start of each quarter. Continued participation requires receipt of payment by the
7th working day of each quarter.